• A moderated consumption of wine helps for a long healhty life

    According to a team of researchers from the University of California, a new study has been found that determined habits like the wine moderately consumition can help you to have a very long life.

    The habits of approximately 1,600 elderly people have been deciphered that all those who drank a glass of wine for evary meal, have presented a 18% decrease in their chances of dying soon.

    In the past month of February, the geriatric neurologist and co-director of the study, Claudia Kawas, suggested the success of her work team on the link between the measured consumption of wine and their persistence, in a conference on the The Advancement of Science contest, in Austin city (Texas).

    In search of wich is the factor that causes people to live up more, researchers visited volunteers every day and during 6 months, and them performed neurological and neuropsychological, cognitive and physical checks to determine their state of health, and achieved detailed information about their diets, functions, medical records and other factors…

    SOURCE: www.fivin.com