• Checking our product

    The winter is coming soon and as each year we are checking and testing our vineyards to ensure the good quality grapes of the next harvest… You can see one of the processing act wich with a rephractometer set we are testing the correct maduration of grapes and after, at the soon morning time, we carry on that to the cellar for starting the fermentation process. It’s cool!

  • Wine taste with our clients

    Few days ago we perfom a taste wine party in our cellar with a client and friend of us. We taste four of our best wines and… it was a success! Our clients tasted our excellent wine and they could to know their specific characteristics in a more detailed way. Goog apetite!


  • Barbecue in our Priorat’s vineyards

    Last week, we organize a fantastic barbecue just in front of our old vineyards 45 years aged in our Priorat’s field. We enjoy of good weather, good food, good wine and the most important… a good company. Cheers!