Our winery in La Rioja was built in 1995 and was the original winery in Laguinilla. It’s a typical Riojan winery, where 60% of the winery is underground. The construction of the cellar is very solid, and having a very wide wall thickness allows to isolate the winery in a natural way.

The winery is divided into 3 floors: On the first floor, we have a subway that there are 76 epoxy deposits, which serve to ferment, to make the malolactic fermentations and to store the wine.

Barrel aging is a process that we take care of a lot. We use French and American oak barrels and renovate them oftenly.

We also have our vats and wine rack.

Our winery has 76 underground tanks to maintain the best temperature and humidity conditions. These deposits have different capacities, from 12.000 to 76.000 liters.

On the second floor, we have the tanks for wine bottling and all the logistics that help us with its preparation.

Our gaing methods follow the original ancestral procedure of the winery and we combine them with the most advanced technologies to obtain wine with every perfumed color, with a lot of body and very elegant at the end of the mouth.

We have a loading dock to quickly receive all orders, so that customers can receive the wine boxes at the scheduled time. For us the preparation of orders with care is something we’ve been doing over 30 years.

On the third floor, the room above, we use it to store cardboard, boxes, cork, stoppers and bottles. Apart, we have an annex where there is a restaurant and a house.

In the restaurant of our winery we have enhanced meals for many customers who have been able to enjoy our wines.