In our vineyards, to take care of the grapes is the most imortant cause

In our field Alkimia, located in Marçà village, bellow of Montsant’s mountain, we focus on the ecological and biodynamic cultivation of our vineyards. It’s a completely flat field sized in two and half hectares. We have planted almost 7000 vineyards aged in 45 years old, under Garnatxa and Samson denominations.

Also, we are working on cultivation and growth of others grape’s variety like Cabernet Saugvinon and Syrah, to increase our net production and offer the best quality in our wine.

In administrative task, we strive to obtain the best production and denomination certifications for a correct commerce of our product and good repercussion to our clients and consumers. We are not only offering a 100% ecological product, if not also in our cellars, we are developing a natural and artisan system of production, getting a excellents results.


Montsant's fields

Our fields are encircled by the Montsant’s mountains, wich they formed at the same period than Montserrat’s mountains. As we can to see in the photo, our Alkimia fields are immersed into a idyllic landscape and envoirment of peace, harmony and calm. Thanks to this natural climatology we have all the resources and necessary wherewithals, allowing us to elaborate the best wines whit a superlative quality for our clients.


Excellent grapes

In our growth vineyards process we have a very careful and exhaustive work, that it starts in February and ends in November. We are applying natural methods and artisan tasks. All our cultivation techniques are ecological and biodynamics, and we are working following the moon cicles.

...taking care of all details

In this photo, we can see Mr. Rotllà observing the grapes before the grape harvest. In Montsant’s zone we enjoy of a very interessant clime, and we have a lot of adequate rainy days in February, March and April getting a very good grapes maduration during August and September.


Biostable quality

In case of we need extra-water irrigation, we have two natural water wells and pluvial reservoirs that allow us to have a very good hydric resource. With all this attributes  our enterprise Alkimia is considered one of the bests growers, processors, productors and quality wine sellers, getting excellents results in the wine industry.

Our vineyards D.O. Montsant

Our field Alkimia are located near of the national car way, allowing us to have the best logistic center for our four wineries ( Priorat, Montsant, Catalunya and Rioja ). In this field, we are disposing of the adequate infrastructure to ease the entrance, exit and circulation of all trucks and transport methods for a correct distribution and commercialization of our product, through national and international exports/imports companies guaranteeing the sales to all countries.

On the left you can see a 45 years old Grenache strain of our land. We do ecological farming in our vineyards. We have 2 water wells to contribute water to our vineyard when you need it to obtain the maximum quality.

Great quality vineyards

Our vineyards aged in 45 years old allow us to get wines D.O. Montsant of great quality. By now, our production cellar has 125 square meters and we can to elaborate a commerce stock for about 30000 botles of wine in this year 2018-2019. We have special stainless tanks for the must fermentation and a american & french oak-tree barrels for the breeding’s wine.

We are working for you...

Our field’s work entails a very exhaustive but gratifying task, that it covers since February ( pruning ) to September ( grape harvest ). All that process is a manual task realized with passionate and careful modes, because in Alkimia we value the traditional production of our quality wine.

Rural environment

With this natural environment we can to control all the capacity and quality production process, creating a limited and exclusive grape harvests for all our clients. With this infrastructure we can to satisfy the most exigent palates.